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This might be useful if you have a lot of logic on your data source that you want to avoid calling, when not needed. [self.scrollView reloadEmptyDataSet] is the only way to refresh content when using with UIScrollView. Collaboration Feel free to collaborate with ideas, issues and/or pull requests. Most applications show lists of content (data sets), which many turn out to be empty at one point, specially for new users with blank accounts. Chromakeying can then replace that green background with a moving image of the night skyline behind the actor, making it appear as if he is flying through the sky.Some of you may be WONDERing if screens have to be green for chromakeying to work. Статистические формы заверяются печатью (при наличии) в случаях, когда печать предусмотрена в ней. 14. Срок представления статистических форм указан на их титульных листах.

Sample projects Applications This project replicates several popular application’s empty states (~20) with their exact content and appearance, such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, Foursquare, and many others. Force layout update You can also call [self.tableView reloadEmptyDataSet] to invalidate the current empty state layout and trigger a layout update, bypassing -reloadData. Compatible with iOS 6, tvOS 9, or later.
Technology, especially in fields such as motion picture special effects, moves rapidly. When searching and no content is matched, a simple empty state is shown. Isn’t it cool that you know how this works now? Please read this very interesting article about Designing For The Empty States. (These are real life examples, available in the ‘Applications’ sample project) Empty Data Sets are helpful for: Avoiding white-screens and communicating to your users why the screen is empty.

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